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Celair evaporative coolers are suppled and installed through a network of authorised and accredited specialist Dealers. These specialists undertake regular training to maintain their expertise in the Celair product, the application of the product and the system requirements. This ensures that your Celair cooler is installed to the highest standards.

The Celair Dealer network is very extensive and there is one near you. You can contact your local dealer by entering your postcode in the box below or you can contact them direct by calling 1300 266 247


Service An Existing Unit

 Celair also has an extensive network Service Providers who are fully trained and accredited to service the     Celair Product.

If you are looking to have your existing unit serviced you can make a booking by calling 1300 665 087 

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One of the cornerstones underpinning the Celair is our commitment to excellence in customer service. At all levels of our company, from the production floor to our sales and management staff, integrity and professionalism mark the way we do business. CONTACT US +

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Call 1300 665 087

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About Celair

Celair is owned by Symphony Limited. Cooling the world since 1939, Symphony is one of the world leaders in evaporative cooling with its products sold in 60 countries through 30,000+ retailers and 1000+ distributors around the globe. Fostering a culture of invention, inclusion and inspiration, Symphony have continually been at the forefront of innovation delivering its customers futuristic product designs with a relentless commitment to energy conservation.